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ZBrush: mrow?



had an urge to jump back into zbrush today. it’s still a slow (and frustrating) learning process.

this is the beginning of a sculpt of catwoman from batman returns. started with a premade head. i spent most of the day shaping the cowl. materials look horrible but it gives me an idea what the final thing will look like. not a bad start.

Game Art: ETB Background Art

The first of many level backgrounds that I need to create for ETB. This was my first big piece of pixel art. I’m extremely happy with it. I’ll try to get an in-game screen shot of the completed scene/level when I can.. it’s pretty awesome.


Internet Woes Caused by Falling Titans in Winter

2014 hasn’t been much of a friend to me so far. My woes started just after the new year when we got our first of many snow falls in January. Bitter cold and nice fubar’d the phone line used to bring me my internet service. That lasted well over a month as the snow and ice just kept piling up.

Mid January, I developed an infection in my mouth. After a few days of trying to tough out the pain I went back to the dentist and had the infection drained. I was better within a week. I had the same infection, in the same portion of my mouth, 6 months earlier. It took an antibiotic and a lot of pain relieving medications to get me through that. Moral of the story kids, learn to properly brush and floss your teeth.

Back to the internet. Called my ISP to do some shuffling of bits and try to resolve my problem… a simple task to complete. Nope. Due to a ‘computer glitch’ I lost my service completely.

I was fine, I still had my 3G smartphone which was fine for doing certain internet tasks. I wasn’t totally unplugged. Then last Saturday night happened.

My cell phone decided it was a great time to stop working. It froze and now refuses to unfreeze and reboot. Great. So I was without any outside communication with the world.. but for only a few days.

Monday after a checkup at the doc’s, I come home, and to my surprise my internet access had been restored! No more dealing with dodgy telephone lines and disconnects due to the weather. There’s still some minor details to take care of (my download speed is capped lower than what it previously was.. question mark).

So all is almost back to normal. To celebrate my reentry to the digital world I was gifted with a key for the Titanfall PC Beta test. I’m in love.

Titanfall is am amazing game. I won’t go into all the ins and outs of the game because I’m not trying to write a review (maybe later) but I want to express how awesome this game is. I’ve played a lot of First Person Shooters both online and off, single and multiplayer. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun playing this type of game before!

Usually I play a FPS online and I suck! I really suck and I know I suck. I’m one of those people that usually end up on the bottom of the scoreboard at the end of the round. I enjoy playing the games though. I like the fast paced action and the competition of the genre. Titanfall throws some curveballs into the mix of online shooters. Obviously the ideas of the Titans is a new thing but it’s great how the whole mechanic works. They’re sort of like the score streaks from COD but you’re guaranteed a new Titan to use every 2 minutes or so. No matter how much you suck in the game you’ll still get to use what is the most fun feature of the game… running around in a giant mech blowing shit up.

Another bit of gameplay that I think adds to the greatness of Titanfall is the ‘pve’ option. At least in the game mode Attrition (team deathmatch), the only mode I’ve played so far, both teams have AI grunts running around the map. You can shoot/farm these grunts for points for your team. This is awesome for a shitty player like myself that would hardly get a player kill in a FPS. I can run off and kill as many of these grunts as I can and still contribute to my team… at least until it’s time to call down my Titan. The grunts aren’t worth as much as killing players of course but still, this was a genius idea by the developers.

The sound effects when someone calls a Titan and it falls to your location from a dropship… too awesome. From the sound alone you get the feeling that something large, powerful, and awesome is about the raise hell on the battlefield. Not only that, the animation and effects as a Titan drops down is fantastic. I’ll stop and watch my Titan fall when I can, followed by an unnecessary jump onto it before hitting the button in get into the pilot’s seat… it’s just too cool.

It was even fun getting smashed into the ground from an enemy Titan drop. I never saw it coming and laughed after it happened.

One last spew of words from me. In a more thought-given-impulse buy, I ordered a new cellphone last night. I gave it a lot of thought before I hit the order button. But like most online shopping purchases, I feel regret after it’s already been paid for. It should be a great phone and serve me well but I feel like I should have waited and possibly saved some money. There’s a lot of pros and cons surrounding my purchase, pros outweighing the cons but one of the cons being an issue of money which puts it at the top of the causes of my regret and triple thinking my decision. ┬áIt’s the result of the eternal struggle between need, greed, monetary funds, and product availability.

On top of all of that, my windows are leaking. FU nature.

3D: book

This was just a practice model but something that I think turned out pretty well. It’s a low poly book that could be used in a game or anywhere. I may have to return to this model some day and update the geometry and add proper textures.


Game Art: groundhog

One of the first animated assets I made for a game after I graduated college. Rendered mostly in 3DS Max. I remember that I had to do a ton of editing to every frame in Photoshop because I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. Thus is life, one big learning experience.